Removing multi machine from vRA doesn’t remove IP reservation

To me last week was marked as BUGgy week as I hit way too many bugs in different products that I was working on. This post is about one of the strange and weirdest thing that I have noticed while working on vRealize Automation aka vCAC.

Though there is no defined issues that will led you to hit to this bug but to me, if you have a rogue multi machine blue print that you have modified probably many a times and connect it to a routed profile then this issue may occur. Well again just to reiterate that there is no defined pattern why it comes up.

In my case I had a multi machine blue print where I have connected my machine to the routed network profile getting it routed through the NSX-v. After spinning up the machine, I have decided to demolish that and change the setting for some other testing that I was doing. You can demolish the machine from your items section. However, due to the issue that I hit onto, it did not delete the master machine record. You can’t see the machines any more in the Items but when you go to Managed machines under Infrastructure tab, you can still see the master machine record there with a status of “Off”. When you try to delete the manage machine from there the status will change to “Disposing” and one remove workflow will run in the back end and will fail eventually and come back to “Off” status again.

With an additional effect, it will hold the routed IP record for this master machine record and will not release. So basically if you are hitting to this issue multiple times, you are wasting one IP each time. You can see it in the screen shot below.


So to remove this machine from vRA you need to manually delete the record from vRA DB. To do that VMware has provided SQL script that you need to run based on your environment and manually delete the record from there. There is a KB article which will provide you the script.


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