HP proves me wrong – Brought Dual-Hop FCoE Support with VC 4.0

Its a long time since I did not even talk about the converged infrastructure and what is happening around us in this technology space. Yes, I have moved to #SDDC and thus those did not matter much to me off late. However yesterday when I saw this note from my old friend Rotem, I was surprised that how the converged infrastructure is moving into scalability and proving me wrong that they are not resilient to the need of Multi-Hop FCoE.


HP releases Virtual Connect Firmware v4.00 and that’s a major firmware release. The major features of 4.00 address networking aspects in the data center.


For instance, Dual-hop FCoE now allows Virtual Connect to aggregate FCoE traffic in a converged fabric in addition to the one-hop of  FlexFabric. So with this release HP proves that Virtual Connect is no longer a “black box” for networking admins.


With Dual-Hop, HP extends convergence to Flex-10 family with ‘D’ postfix only without native FC support on those platforms.


The Dual-hop feature works by FIP snooping to next upstream switch.  FIP snooping is the BB-5 defined protocol which leverages DCBX, PFC, ETS to set up a Dynamic ACL path to the next upstream switch.  The advantages of FIP snooping in FCoE context is that by virtue of FIP snooping, a device without a native Fibre channel interface can filter FCoE traffic to the upstream switch and thereby provide an FCoE path. This allows a networking configuration of less expensive FIP snooping edge devices to aggregate FCoE traffic combined with more expensive FCF at aggregation/core level.


It was good to know that they are also working on Multi-Hop FCoE which will break the barrier of Two Hops in future.


Dual-Hop FCoE


My dear @Cisco, are you still listening ?

Correction: #SDDC took a toll on me and I did not realize until my UCS Architect friend Anuj Modi told me that Multi-Hop is a reality and it was out since November last year. Here is the article.



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    • Good that Cisco did wake up before I shout Anuj 🙂 and always did so I know 🙂

      Thanks for the reference. Let me read it through. Thanks Anuj. I know a Cisco UCS architect will not sleep on this, ha ha 🙂

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