vCenter Appliance could not configure embedded DB – Wrong Time Oops !!

As part of my new role, I am in involved in lot of R&D activity. Now I thought of spinning up my own Lab and start playing with the integration of vCloud Suite.

I am too lazy to create a separate DB and vCenter to get started, so I thought I would spin up a vCenter Appliance instead to get started. Well, after I deploy it, I have started the default launch wizard to make it ready with the default embedded database. However I was caught into the problem as below:

Configuring Database:

Failed to execute ‘/usr/sbin/vpxd_servicecfg db write embedded
VC_CFG_RESULT=411 (Error: Invalid system time. Please fix the time)

Well, for one moment, I thought it must be something to do with the vCenter System Timezone. However I checked the Timezone in the vCenter and it was indeed correctly configured. I started it again just to see if that resolves it. It was my bad that it was still at the same screen.

Now I thought to check the System Time and see if that is correctly configured. I did not know that my time went into a year past #sigh. So, my ESXi Server was running in past time and I did not notice it.

Now I have immediately fixed it and synced it with our NTP source. Now again I started the launch wizard in vCenter Appliance and now it went through smoothly without any disruption.


About Prasenjit Sarkar

Prasenjit Sarkar is a Product Manager at Oracle for their Public Cloud with primary focus on Cloud Strategy, Oracle Openstack, PaaS, Cloud Native Applications and API Platform. His primary focus is driving Oracle’s Cloud Computing business with commercial and public sector customers; helping to shape and deliver on a strategy to build broad use of Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings such as Compute, Storage, Java as a Service, and Database as a Service. He is also responsible for developing public/private cloud integration strategies, customer’s Cloud Computing architecture vision, future state architectures, and implementable architecture roadmaps in the context of the public, private, and hybrid cloud computing solutions Oracle can offer.

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