vCenter Appliance could not configure embedded DB – Wrong Time Oops !!

As part of my new role, I am in involved in lot of R&D activity. Now I thought of spinning up my own Lab and start playing with the integration of vCloud Suite.

I am too lazy to create a separate DB and vCenter to get started, so I thought I would spin up a vCenter Appliance instead to get started. Well, after I deploy it, I have started the default launch wizard to make it ready with the default embedded database. However I was caught into the problem as below:

Configuring Database:

Failed to execute ‘/usr/sbin/vpxd_servicecfg db write embedded
VC_CFG_RESULT=411 (Error: Invalid system time. Please fix the time)

Well, for one moment, I thought it must be something to do with the vCenter System Timezone. However I checked the Timezone in the vCenter and it was indeed correctly configured. I started it again just to see if that resolves it. It was my bad that it was still at the same screen.

Now I thought to check the System Time and see if that is correctly configured. I did not know that my time went into a year past #sigh. So, my ESXi Server was running in past time and I did not notice it.

Now I have immediately fixed it and synced it with our NTP source. Now again I started the launch wizard in vCenter Appliance and now it went through smoothly without any disruption.


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