Deploying OVF through vSphere Web Client – Do you have Client Integration Plug-in?

Era of using vSphere Web Client started already and it got momentum among customers. So, there are little bit of nitty-gritties you need to know before you get yourself fully geared up for the Web Client.

One of such thing is Client Integration Plug-in. This Plug-in is an addition to our existing Flexible Web Client which is needed for number of other purposes which Web Client would not be sufficient enough.

Few of such things are Remote Connection, Pop Up Console, OVF functionality etc. So, when you try to deploy a OVF through Web Client, it will pop an error up and you will be asked to download and install the VMware-ClientIntegrationPlugin-5.1.0.

The Client Integration Plug-in must be installed to enable OVF functionality. Click the link below to download the installer.


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