XtraVirt Re-Launch as Leading Light in Virtualization Technology

Folks, I am sure many of you must have noticed that XtraVirt have relaunched their website and came up as a leading light in Virtualization and Cloud.

We are following XtraVirt since a long time, since those days we have seen how they help us in terms of guides to install VMware ESX/ESXi on VMware Workstation. We have seen how they helped in terms of VMware Documentation Downloader. I am sure they are coming with some more beautiful products in near future too.

So, when I saw the re-branding of XtraVirt, I thought to bring it to others notice too.

Xtravirt has been working behind the scenes in the virtualization industry for years, delivering IT projects with an independent approach that enables significant beneficial business change through virtualization. This understated company provides support for some of the largest global technology and vendor service businesses, and following firm stable growth, is re-launching to take up their rightful position as leaders in virtualization.

Xtravirt’s re-launch comes at a time when the Western European virtualization services market will see growth from $12 billion in 2010, to an expected $24 billion in 2015*. The on-going growth and demand within this category, and the shift toward engaging dedicated, niche services companies, has prompted Xtravirt to evangelise their dedicated focus in the virtualization sector where they have a pedigree in delivering smart, independent, business need driven solutions.

The company has developed a reputation for astute expertise and delivery of genuinely independent projects within the Virtual Infrastructure, End User Computing and Cloud space. The organisation was founded by Gavin Jolliffe and Paul Davey in 2007. The Xtravirt re-launch will see the business rebranded with a new website www.xtravirt.com to articulate the company’s services proposition and product portfolio. Online visitors can browse the site for useful information on the virtualization sector, and obtain a unique insight from Xtravirt’s consultants, who live at the cutting edge of virtualization.

The company now employs one-third of the total number of VMware acclaimed, ‘vExperts’ in the UK. As market leaders they are now strategically accelerating development of their virtualization services to meet market demand for improved efficiency, and to help businesses grow and optimize their financial resources. Following the re-launch of the business and new website, Xtravirt will unveil a set of products whose creation has been driven by the knowledge and experience its senior consultants. Xtravirt deliver faster, better and more flexibly than the other technology agencies within the sector.

Gavin Jolliffe, Co-founder CEO of Xtravirt comments on the re-launch, “We see enormous gaps in the virtualization services and products markets. Xtravirt is ideally positioned in the middle of two of the most important shifts in IT in recent years: virtualization and cloud computing. By harnessing our skills and providing well engineered, practical solutions, we intend to continue delivering complex projects in the Virtual Infrastructure, End User Computing and Cloud Space better than anyone else.”

Below is what they have done for their homepage.


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