VCAP5-DCD Exam Format Change

So, by now many of you know that there is a change in the VCAP5-DCD exam format. I wanted to highlight what pushed VMware to change the format and block the option to go back and review the answered questions.

Well, on 2nd November I have appeared for VCAP5-DCD and failed in the exam. This is what happened to me.

1. There were 5 live designs. Which demanded minimum of 15 minutes each.

2. At the first place I have skipped all and marked those to finish at the end.

3. After I was done with multiple choice question, I went back and started on those.

4. I had enough time left so I went to the Review Screen and picked one by one design. I have spent 20 minutes approx on each design.

5. Once I was done with everything, I went back to review my other questions as I had 15 more minutes in my hand.

6. To my surprise I see all my design work is gone. I meant it, all of those 5 designs were washed out. Absolutely nothing were there.

7. So now to prove that this is a problem at a cost of $310, I went back and do just one design within the time and moved onto the next question.

8. After forwarding to 2-3 questions, I came back to that design again and yes I was right, It was washed out again. By this time I knew that without 5 design I am not going to pass this exam for sure. I clicked on next and Yes, I did not pass this.

I have escalated it through Pearson and they said VMware will check your folder and directly get back to you. This was really a bad judgement by VMware design tool or exam tool. Now after few days VMware replied to my case.

They said they have received a few reports that candidates who take the VCAP-DCD exam experience problems when attempting to return to a previously completed design item. The reports they have received indicate that this problem ONLY occurs when a candidate returns to the item they previously completed. While VMware have been unable to reproduce this issue, at VMware they wanted to provide the best exam experience possible. As a result, they have taken the following actions:


1. They have re-released a VCAP-DCD exam that has been adjusted so that a candidate cannot return to a previously completed item. This will ensure that the data captured from the candidates initial attempt at a design item is not altered in any way by returning to the item.

2. They encourage all candidates taking the current VCAP-DCD exam to understand that this problem has been reported and to plan on making only a single attempt at completing each design item.

3. They have provided language in the beginning of the exam and in the blueprint to make candidates aware that only a single attempt will be allowed.

One of my fellow colleague and friend point an article on this and I thought I would shout the reason why this has been taken.


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Prasenjit Sarkar is a Member of the CTO Ambassador Program & Staff Solutions Architect at VMware and part of Global Center of Excellence Team. He has also worked in vCloud Air R&D Team. He has an extensive background in designing and implementing cloud solutions. He holds several certifications including VCP3/4/5, VCAP-DCA, VCAP-DCD, VCAP-CIA, VCIX-NV. He has been awarded the VMware vExpert award 4 years running. He is also the author of the blog and Author of 4 books including one as Amazon Best Seller. He is also part of many inventions and research papers and have 1 Issued Patent & 11 other patents pending in his name.

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