PowerPath/VE will not load with VMware vSphere 5.1 – Another BUG we hit into

This is a sort blog to make people aware of another BUG we hit into. If you are running PowerPath and running ESXi 5.0, do not upgrade your ESXi to 5.1. It may crash the shole system as well. VMware said

“Don’t update the vSphere 5.0 to 5.1 unless a special instruction is carried. It may crash the whole system which will include PSOD. This is due to the exception in sfcb-CIMXML.”

For further information on this, please read the below KB articles.


EMC KB: http://knowledgebase.emc.com/emcice/documentDisplay.do;jsessionid=EB5E6A010CC9E655EC8328C5F5BDDEEC?docType=1006&clusterName=DefaultCluster&resultType=5002&groupId=1&page=&docProp=$solution_id&docPropValue=emc302625&passedTitle=null


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