DWDM and Dark Fiber – Bridging the Replication Traffic

Today we are all working in stretched cluster / metro cluster type scenarios. We are all sending the replicated traffic to other geographic location to tie the knot and make our DR environment ready. But do we know how to tie the knot together and what are the considerations to take care. Well, I was working with such a requirement where I need to replicate our Backup Traffic to other Geographic Location which is 40KM away. So, let us first compare as to what are the options available in Distance Networking.



When choosing a bandwidth option consider: distance, latency, bandwidth and budget.

So Dark Fiber is viable over data center or campus distances. So if we choose Single-Mode fiber then we can get 10KM distance covered and still can go up to 40/80KM. Where as Multi Mode fiber give us boost in the distance and it can go up to 300 KM.

Now let us see how we can use Dark Fiber as the carrier medium and can achieve multiple channel traffic with DWDM as a termination point. I am showing one of my example design which will carry Backup traffic to a offsite location which would be 40KM away from the base location.

So this DWDM enable us multiple channels to share a single fiber pair, each signal can be carried at a different rate and it can support multiple protocols and speeds.

So, why do you choose a DWDM termination with Dark Fiber as the carrier Link.


  1. It is highly Scalable
  2. It has a predictive latency
  3. It supports moderately long distances


Last but not the least DWDM Distances are still limited by the application and the flow-control mechanisms of each particular protocol.


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