Tradeoff between Cisco VM-FEX and Nexus 1000v

Today’s Network in Virtualization World is Changing

  • §Desire for VM-level access-layer policy & monitoring
  • §Virtualization is driving higher link utilization
  • §More demanding role of network (i.e. DRS)
  • §Current approaches lead to inconsistent network policies

Transparency in the Eye of the Beholder, with virtualization, VMs have a transparent view of their resources. But its difficult to monitor & apply network and storage policy back to virtual machines. Scaling globally depends on maintaining transparency while also providing operational consistency.

So what is the vision:

• VMotion may move VMs across physical ports—policy must follow
• Impossible to view or apply policy to locally switched traffic
• Cannot correlate traffic on physical links—from multiple VMs

So how do we achieve this? Yeah we have VN-Link.


What is VN-Link


  • VN-Link, or Virtual Network Link, is a term which describes a new set of features and capabilities that enable VM interfaces to be individually identified, configured, monitored, migrated and diagnosed.
  • The term literally refers to a VM specific link that is created between the VM and Cisco switch.  It is the logical equivalent & combination of a NIC, a Cisco switch interface and the RJ-45 patch cable that hooks them together.
  • VN-Link requires platform support for Port Profiles, Virtual Ethernet Interfaces, Virtual Center Integration, and Virtual Ethernet mobility.


So we have two solution to achieve this VN-Link. VN-Link with the Cisco Nexus 1000v and VN-Link with the Cisco Nexus 5000. We will explore each option now and shall tell you the tradeoff in between these two.

VN-Link With the Cisco Nexus 1000V

Cisco Nexus 1000V – Software Based

  • Industry’s first third-party ESX switch
  • Built on Cisco NX-OS
  • Compatible with switching platforms
  • Maintain vCenter provisioning model unmodified for server administration but also allow network administration of Nexus 1000V via familiar Cisco NX-OS CLI

VN-Link with the Cisco Nexus 5000

Nexus Switch with VN-Link - Hardware Based

  • Allows scalable hardware-based implementations through hardware switches
  • Standards-based initiative: Cisco & VMware proposal in IEEE 802 to specify “Network Interface Virtualization”
  • Combines VM and physical network operations into one managed node
  • Future availability

Now to do a Tradeoff I will show you a picture, which will tell you all you need.



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