Server Side NPIV and it’s benefits in Virtual Machines



Virtual Connect Fiber Channel support for VMs

VC-FC uses industry standard NPIV, which enables each VM to have its own separate storage resources, it enables LUNs and connections to move transparently when you move workloads from one server to another. Traditionally, storage resources have been tied to physical HBAs. The HP Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Modules with Server-Side NPIV remove the storage management limitation to a single HBA WWN on the physical server. Each virtual machine can have it’s own unique WWN and it remains associated with that virtual machine even as the virtual machine is dynamically moved.

Benefits of Server Side NPIV

Provides a separate storage resource to each virtual machine
•Up to 255 WWN per server blade with the 8Gb 24-port VC-FC module


Provisioned storage resource is associated directly to a specific virtual machine

  •     •If the virtual server is re-allocated within the Blade System
  •     •Migration of virtual machines no longer require a SAN administrator’s involvement

SAN Tools can see and manage VM HBA WWNs and able to provide QoS to down to specific VM Level.


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