vApp does not have network resources to support fenced vApp Network

Well when I was doing more testing on my Private Cloud backed by Vmware vCloud Director I noticed something which I did not expect to see. But well you know in this world nothing is impossible (I’m Possible).

So I was trying to test the vApp Network Fencing or Isolation for a similar or identical copy of two vApp. So if you want a good use case for this scenario you should read Duncan’s post vCD Networking Scenario – vApp Isolation

Now when I was just trying to replicate this scenario for my Organization I was getting a strange error and it was saying


the vDC for this vApp does not have network resources to support isolated/fenced vApp networks.

Well I really did not believe what I see because i thought I have placed all the things on the plate to get it work but still it was complaining about the resources. Alright now I started finding what went wrong.

So I was working with an organization and I had an Org vDC but basically at the time of creating the vDC I completely bypass looking at the properties for the vDC of my ORG. So now while I was digging into it I finally found that Network Pool resources are just set to None for my vDC. If you look at the below attached screen it is clearly saying that to enable the deployment of Isolated vApp Network and the fencing of Org Network you should have a Network Pool resources to attached here which unfortunately I did not have.


vDC Properties


Well I was using vCDNI backed network pool for my Org to provide networking so I have added my vCDNI backed network pool there and select OK. It immediately updated the network stack and then I tried to create an Isolated/Fenced vApp Network and it worked like a charm.



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  1. Thanks, I was in an exactly similar scenario and your tip helped. Actually I am in the process of implementing the most basic vCloud and the intention was not to use any of the VSM/Edge routing/nat/network pools as much as possible.

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