A new beginning – Solutions Architect in VMware Global CoE (Singapore)

We can always begin and yes I took another to step to start a fresh beginning. It’s been a wonderful journey in vCHS R&D for close to 1 and half years and then I figured out that I missing the Continue reading

EMC FAST Cache – Behind the scene


I know VCDX defense session is going on at this time when I am writing this and many of the aspiring candidates who have defended and going to defend in the future, may have their design based on EMC Storage. Continue reading

VMware vCOPs and vCNS Adapter – Better together


Yesterday VMware has made GA announcement of vCNS Management pack of vCOPs. We were using it internally even before GA though. So, I thought I will take up this opportunity to show what is the adapter is all about and Continue reading

Designing a custom Storage Performance Dashboard using vCOPs


In the last couple of days, I am fully involved in creating some kind of custom dashboards for my environment, which will help me in deep understanding/troubleshooting of our EMC VNX storage. Well, we have a default custom dashboard and Continue reading

vCOPs Backup & Disaster Recovery

Three days back I wrote an article on vCOPs Sizing and then my fellow friend Paul Meehan asked me this on Twitter? Also as a follow up question I see this is being asked now. What are the operational consideration Continue reading

Choosing VMware SIOC with Storage Auto Tiering – VCDX Way

Yesterday I wrote a post regarding the IOps, Disk Size, CPU and Memory calculation for the vCOPs SizingĀ and what would be the impact of it when you submit it for your VCDX defense. Today I will talk about choosing SIOC Continue reading

Right Sizing VMware vCOPs – VCDX Way

vCOPs Sizing

As we march past towards our VCDX defense, I am sure there are multiple guys who would have worked on VMware vCenter Operations Manager and added as a component to monitor their VMware Infrastructure. If you are working on vCOPs Continue reading

VXLAN Presentation – A quick practical guide

This is one of the smallest post I have ever created. But I thought it would be better to make it crisp and move it over to PPT. We (Authors of this presentation) have created this presentation last year and Continue reading

Storage vMotion should validate VM’s IOps demand supply capability – Feature Request


I am not sure how many of you must have thought about this but when we have SDRS in place or even without that, when we manually migrate a VM from one Datastore to another Datastore, what we lack is Continue reading

Determining the Design Factors & Design Qualities derived from them

As I am moving close to the VCDX design defense final lap, I have started working out on the documentation. During the first phase of the design, I figured out that I have not seen a standard post which can Continue reading