Distributed Logical Router Design Considerations with Multiple vDS

Author: Michael Haines, Prasenjit Sarkar. The following are some of the Distributed Logical Routing (DLR) and Dynamic Routing design considerations when architecting and deploying NSX for vSphere. If you have multiple Virtual Distributed Switches (vDS), such as a “Compute vDS” Continue reading

Backup & Restore gotchas in NSX for vSphere

NSX Backup

Author: Prasenjit Sarkar & Michael Haines. This is all about our ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore’ procedures with the NSX for vSphere product. That being said, what is the real issue and problem we face today with NSX for vSphere and ‘Backup’ Continue reading

Experimenting with the REST API – What Tools can I use? – Part III


In the third part (and subsequent posts) of this blog series on the REST API, we are going to focus on a few of the common tools that enable you to interact with the REST API. This is by no Continue reading

Introduction to the REST API – Part II

This is part II of the introduction to the REST API blog post. In part one we covered the basic aspects of what REST is really all about, and introduced some of the key concepts such as the REST constraints and REST Continue reading

Automated Deployment of Guest Introspection & VMware Data Security

Guest Introspection

With the virtualization layer within the SDDC, organizations can insert security services that inherit the attributes of the Goldilocks zone. There are number of examples of what partners are able to achieve when they have access to host-based context, are effectively Continue reading

Introduction to the REST API – Part I


There is no doubt in my mind that you are aware of the REST API, as for the past several years it has gained tremendous momentum. VMware has spent a great deal of engineering time in making all of VMware’s Continue reading

Configuring Syslog for NSX for vSphere Controller using REST API

REST API - Syslog

Happy New Year folks. Its been a little more than 6 months since I wrote my last article. Well, as you have seen in my last post that I switched my role within VMware and with that changed my host Continue reading

How do you “Resolve” NSX Cluster Preparation Error Programmatically ?

Kernel Modules

The preparation of a vSphere cluster to support VXLAN is divided into two steps: Install where the NSX manager pushes the hypervisor kernel modules to the cluster’s ESXi hosts. Configure where you creates the VXLAN vmknic interfaces, provide Segment ID Continue reading

A new beginning – Solutions Architect in VMware Global CoE (Singapore)

We can always begin and yes I took another to step to start a fresh beginning. It’s been a wonderful journey in vCHS R&D for close to 1 and half years and then I figured out that I missing the Continue reading

EMC FAST Cache – Behind the scene


I know VCDX defense session is going on at this time when I am writing this and many of the aspiring candidates who have defended and going to defend in the future, may have their design based on EMC Storage. Continue reading