Anatomy of Multiple Active Directory Domains with NSX for vSphere Manager


Author : Michael A. Haines, Prasenjit Sarkar There have been a few instances when I have been working with various customers that have asked me if NSX for vSphere Manager could work and was supported with multiple (3 in this Continue reading

VMware CTO Ambassador – What it means?


Yesterday was one of the day when I really felt proud as my email said: We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be an Ambassador in the CTO Ambassador Program for the 2015-2017 tenure!   Continue reading

Anatomy of DNS Forwarding capability in NSX for vSphere


Author : Michael A. Haines, Prasenjit Sarkar There seems to be a little uncertainty or confusion about the DNS forwarding feature in Edge device of NSX for vSphere 6.1.x.  and so some clarification we feel is necessary. Firstly and to Continue reading

Experimenting with the REST API – What Tools can I use? – Part IV


Author: Michael A. Haines & Prasenjit Sarkar In part III of this blog series on the common REST API tools, we started looking at some of the more commonly used tools that can be used to interact with the REST API. Continue reading

Changing NSX for vSphere Manager logging behaviour using REST API

REST API Thinking

Author: Michael A. Haines & Prasenjit Sarkar Here is an Interesting question that comes up from time to time, and is related to the NSX for vSphere Manager and logging, and in particular, what is the default logging behaviour of the NSX Continue reading

Distributed Logical Router Design Considerations with Multiple vDS

Author: Michael Haines, Prasenjit Sarkar. The following are some of the Distributed Logical Routing (DLR) and Dynamic Routing design considerations when architecting and deploying NSX for vSphere. If you have multiple Virtual Distributed Switches (vDS), such as a “Compute vDS” Continue reading

Backup & Restore gotchas in NSX for vSphere

NSX Backup

Author: Prasenjit Sarkar & Michael Haines. This is all about our ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore’ procedures with the NSX for vSphere product. That being said, what is the real issue and problem we face today with NSX for vSphere and ‘Backup’ Continue reading

Experimenting with the REST API – What Tools can I use? – Part III


Author : Michael A. Haines, Prasenjit Sarkar In the third part (and subsequent posts) of this blog series on the REST API, we are going to focus on a few of the common tools that enable you to interact with Continue reading

Introduction to the REST API – Part II

This is part II of the introduction to the REST API blog post. In part one we covered the basic aspects of what REST is really all about, and introduced some of the key concepts such as the REST constraints and REST Continue reading

Automated Deployment of Guest Introspection & VMware Data Security

Guest Introspection

With the virtualization layer within the SDDC, organizations can insert security services that inherit the attributes of the Goldilocks zone. There are number of examples of what partners are able to achieve when they have access to host-based context, are effectively Continue reading